Asymmetrics + Diamonds (Silver)

This international award winning ring is the first piece we ever designed. After trying to find a double ring for herself, but was unable to find one that she really loved, Marcia decided to take up the design challenge and do it herself - and it ended up creating her business.

The piece is a free-standing sculptural two finger ring with large asymmetrical gemstones and colorless diamonds. It never closes in a perfect circle and it is read as one continuous element that hugs the fingers and provides structure for the gemstones at the same time, giving it an organic feel. The metal's delicate intervention of grabbing the stones allows them to appear as floating when worn, yet the metal becomes the extroverted main character of the piece when it is not in use.

The gemstones are positioned to follow the natural ascending and descending position of the hand knuckles to promote harmony between the hand and the piece.

All three diamonds in the piece are: Clarity VS, Color F

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